That Don't Impress Me Much - JerryRigEverything on Cybertruck
That Don’t Impress Me Much, JerryRigEverything Not Convinced By Cybertruck

“That don’t impress me much,” quips JerryRigEverything on the Tesla Cybertruck. While we’re paraphrasing a bit, he does acknowledge the Cybertruck as “extremely, extremely impressive” but notes that it didn’t quite meet the expectations set by the pre-hype machine from four years ago.

Nevertheless, JerryRigEverything was notably impressed by the Cybertruck’s stainless steel body, likening it to a tank. He also points out that while the 3-ton Cybertuck is bigger than his Rivian RT1, it is actually lighter by 143kg.

However, Pickup did express reservations about the angular design of the Cybertruck, pointing out practical challenges in loading dirt into the bed, especially when using heavy machinery like a digger. Nevertheless the YouTuber does have a Cybertruck on order, because, why not?

Once JerryRigEverything’s Cybertruck is finally delivered, will he maintain his – that don’t impress me much – stance or shift to a perspective of “very impressive”? Only time will tell how the hands-on experience with the vehicle may sway his initial impressions.

That Don't Impress Me Much - JerryRigEverything on Cybertruck
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