Porsche GT3 RS Is Made To Look Dishevelled
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OK so perhaps you are someone who has worked their guts off to get to a position where you can afford a brand new 911 GT3 RS. Or perhaps you are someone from a privileged background who spends all day on YouTube. Or perhaps you are the lowest of the low, a private investment banker. Whoever you are you have £131k to spend on that 911 GT3 RS. The next stage of supercar ownership is to spend stupid amounts of money getting your car ‘detailed’ which is an expensive car wash for idiots who want to throw away money. It’s understandable the £5 hand car wash just can’t compare nor compete with the ‘detailing’ industry. Porsche-GT3-RS-Martini-Wrap-Rear OK so you want your expensive machinery to look nice and shiny, perfectly understandable. However Swedish company WrapZone has designed a wrap that will transform your 911 GT3 RS into a dirty looking homage influenced by vintage 911 Martini branded Endurance racers. Porsche-GT3-RS-Martini-Wrap- You can turn your new acquisition into a dirty looking barn yard find without ever getting it dirty thanks to the power of WrapZone’s bespoke wrap. Many might find this a pointless and less than frugal way of wasting money but we do think it looks kind of OK. Pointless but hey why the hell not.  Porsche-GT3-RS-Martini-Wrap-Front
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