Ford GT 4 Door Concept
Concept Artist Turns The Ford Mustang Into A 4-Door GT
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We’re not big fans of Ford or 98 percent of what they do. The only exceptions are the GT and F150-Lightining. The Mustang? the previous generation was a clone of the Aston Martin DB9, give or take a few Fordisms which is why we labeled it as the Ford Marstang. The new, latest-generation Ford GT looks odd and no longer possesses the masculine DB9-inspired design cues that made it palatable to those who were willing to ignore multiple design copyright infringements. And that includes the beer-goggled media. And Aston Martin. But at least the new Ford Mustang heralds an original design, so we can no longer label it as the Marstang.

Ford Mustang GT 4 Door Concept - FQ

Anyway, it seems that concept artist Sugar Design agrees with the Daily Car Blog. He too believes the Mustang would work better as a 4-door saloon. The idea of a 4-door Mustang was explored by Ford but subsequently dropped. Presumably, Ford believed that a 4-door Mustang saloon has no viable market. And Pickup trucks/SUVs dominate new car sales.

Ford Mustang GT 4 Door Concept - Side

Undeterred, Sugar Design has created a Mustang saloon that actually looks much better than the coupe upon which it is based. But will Ford ever reconsider their decision to abandon the 4-door Mustang? No, Ford is a corporation first, and the shareholders take priority. Ford lacks the imagination to think outside the box.

Thinking outside the conventional norms is how legacy car manufacturers work, so Ford being Ford will always put Ford first. However, an all-electric four-door Mustang GT could be a possibility. Even we would begrudgingly clap our hands in appreciation. But don’t count on Ford doing the unexpected.

Ford GT 4 Door Concept
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