Redneck America Is Alive And Well In The Digital Age
Define ‘Redneck’… “a working-class white person from the southern US, especially a politically reactionary one.” Define ‘swamp-meet’… A gathering of ‘Rednecks’ in areas of low-lying, uncultivated land where water collects, like a bog or marsh and where low level entertainment is observed for personal amusement. Why anyone would want to gather at a water-soaked bog is beyond the understanding of anyone except for the Redneck. With nowhere to go and nothing better to do gathering at a dirty waterhole is analogue entertainment for the digital age. So you take one Redneck, a speed jump made from Redneck manual labour and dirt and you take a beaten up Cadillac with a Redneck dumb enough to actually attempt the jump… Into the bog. And you know what happens, it doesn’t go too well just watch the video. Thank the wild Hog for America and God Bless the Redneck.  Redneck-Swamp-Meet-Car-Jump
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