Motorcycle Gangs vs Police Cars
Video We don’t understand why motorists need to gather in hoards at car meets, nor do we understand the whole point of car meets. Both are indicative of complete strangers meeting for the sake of saying “like your car mate”, “how much do the tyre’s cost new” “bet that cost you a couple of bob” Car meets are a sad indication that you have no friends, when you should be enjoying your car you are stuck in a car park talking utter crap to complete strangers. Its so sad and desperate we’d actually prefer to watch Britain’s Got talent, or if we have to scrape the barrel TOWIE. But you know what we prefer motorcycle gangs because they fear no one not even the law and they drive like idiots which we advise not to copy. Motorcycle gangs are usually comprised of the ‘youth’ they break the rules because they can and dare even to take on the police. In America if you do that then you could get shot. But only if you are an African American.  Motorcycles-vs-Police-cars
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