Sandy Munro rages against the Audi Q4 e-Tron
Sandy Munro Verbally Shreds The Audi Q4 e-Tron

Sandy Munro pulls no punches as he made his displeasure known about the Audi Q4 e-Tron in an 8 minute video rant. He called the Q4 e-Tron an ID4, “a car painted in another color”. Munro points out that the Q4 e-Tron is an ICE car with a battery pack, a VW with a different front bumper. Munro reserves his biggest criticism for Audi’s software and hardware especially the human factor design which has been poorly implemented.

Another issue was the lack of one pedal brake regen, but in Audi’s defense, the regen controls are either manually operated by the steering wheel paddle shifts or by switching the drivetrain to B-mode. Munro also complained about the proliferation of buttons, too many buttons for his personal taste.

In a final note Munro said Audi needs to make big changes to what he considers to be an old fashion car. And in one final blast at Audi and VW Munro said both entities need to do better if they are going to survive the next generational leap into EVs.

Sandy Munro rages against the Audi Q4 e-Tron
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