The Sun Will Set For The Estate Car Says Jaguar
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Jaguar is facing the music and telling it like it is. The estate (station wagon) is dead, long live the SUV, long live the saloon. Globally demand for estates (station wagons) has fallen as consumers opt for SUV’s. The shift in consumer buying trends has even affected saloon car sales. Paradoxically demand for estate cars in Europe is still ripe enough to justify building and selling the bodystyle. Nevertheless Jaguar still believes that demand for the estate car is a shrinking market and as such entering the market is difficult to justify. Germany is one region where demand for the estate car has remained stable. Indeed Germany is the worlds biggest buying market for the estate bodystyle however consumers tend to be patriotic and buy German branded cars, Audi, BMW, Mercedes. The UK is the next biggest market within Europe but even in the UK buying trends are shifting to affordable compact SUV’s and mid-sized SUV’s. The two crucial automotive markets in world are China and the USA both regions have also seen consumers move away from station wagons to SUV’s and pick-up trucks. Jaguar used to offer the X-Type saloon with an estate derivative and the previous generation XF was also offered with an estate variant. As of now Jaguar no longer offers estate models and is not planning to do so any time soon. As global consumer buying trends have shifted to SUV’s Jaguar is smart enough to know that if you follow the money trail you can expect a healthy return. That’s why Jaguar have launched the F-Pace SUV and are anticipating the so called ‘big cat’ to underpin a fresh sales momentum to become a market success in a competitive market. More importantly Jaguar expect the F-Pace to help stablise and increase sales. Jaguar are also reportedly planning to build a compact SUV which is expected to be called the E-Pace.  Jaguar-SUV-Sunset
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