Chris Harris Takes On The New Look Top Gear Test Track
We’re not qualified to comment on the new Top Gear because Rory Reid wants to censor us, says we are worse than click bait (probably accurate) and says we’re not self-aware. Well he should have been watching the first episode of the new look Top Gear. Very obviously he did. But we’re not here to criticise the fella, and being impartial we actually think he did the brotha-hoood proud on #extragear. And I am a brotha. Nevertheless the fallout of the new look Top Gear has gone nuclear and as the ash clouds disperse we are left with exactly that… A new look Top Gear. One of the new presenters, Mr sideways aka Chris Harris, was relegated to #extragear and you know what two car guys talking about nothing else other than cars can be exceedingly boring. #extragear just about managed to avoid the latter and for Chris Harris he is now able to bask in the glory of peak time TV exposure. One of the changes in the new look Top Gear format is a slight tweak in the star in the reasonably priced car which has now been revamped as the Star in a Rallycross car. The Rallycross car in question is non other than a Mini Hatch, A British car made by the British but funded and owned by ze-Germans.That’s the irony of typical flag waving Brits. Anyway, the new lap includes a short course rally track combined with the Gear Track proper, it’s supposed to be more televisual. Anyway at least Chris Harris fans get to see him do what he does best, take a car sideways for an inexplicable reason other than it looks good and shows a degree of car control. As we always say while going sideways looks spectacular and shows man has harmony with machine it’s not he fastest way to drive and it also wears out the tyres. So watch Chris Harris tackle the new look Top Gear track and yes he does go sideways. What’s great about this snippet is that you can pan the video in 360-degrees in 4K.  Chris-Harris-RallyCross-Car-360-View-YouTube
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