Is This The New Mini Saloon?
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The question is simple, is this the Mini Saloon? No it isn’t, it’s a concept from the Photoshop mind meld that is otherwise known as Theophilus Chin. Or Chinny as we call him. Mini are said to be pushing for a fifth model derivative, a compact saloon believe or not. Whether this news is part of the slow-news-day cycle is the pertinent question.

Speculation and writing about speculation is cheap, it fills the column spaces and makes the advertisers happy. So let us join in on this speculation.

Mini like many car manufactures these days have business plan’s. Typically that plan says the more car derivatives you offer the more choice consumers have.

More choice means more consumers potentially being converted into sales. However the slow selling Mini Paceman is one such model derivative the company does not want to repeat.

The word on the street is that the Mini Superleggera Vision Concept could form the styling basis of said Mini sedan.

If the Mini sedan were to make into production then insiders claim that it will be offered up to US and Chinese territories first before being made available to global markets.

Saloon/sedan sales are still vibrant in US, China and eastern Europe although in Western Europe sales of saloon cars have declined.

Mini is targeting annual sales of 500k units per year, last year Mini sold 388k units.

Chinny has based his Mini Saloon concept on the Saab 95 which is evident in the rear styling of his rendering.

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