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IS The Pandemic Over For Citroen? It is For The Updated C4 Hatch
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Is the pandemic over for Citroen? At last, we can remove all doubt because it appears that Citroen is leaving behind the Pandemic and returning to normalcy with the updated C4 hatch. In the automotive industry, updates are par for the course. As it is par for the course for a celebrated music star to reinvent every couple of years. Think Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and to a lesser extent Jennifer Lopez, and an even lesser extent… Adele. And the C4 hatch may well be music to someone’s ear because it has reached a point where it is time to reinvent. Albeit in very small steps.

The C4 has been out for less than a year, yet Citroen felt it was time for an update. The updates are minor, meaning someone at Citroen’s product planning forgot to use a check sheet when finalizing the UK spec. Entry-level versions now feature the Smart Pad Support System which does indeed sound like an armrest. It is actually a pop-out mounting point, integrated into the passenger dashboard, to rest an iPad or similar device.

Citroen C4 2021 UK Spec Updates - Interior - dailycarblog

The Smart Pad Support System even comes with a screen filter to prevent the driver from being distracted when used by the passenger. But did Citroen ever think that the driver will most probably use the tablet mount whether the passenger is present or not? 

Citroen C4 2021 UK Spec Updates - EV - dailycarblog

Grey paint finishes have been added to entry-level alloy wheels and top-spec variants get 18-inch, diamond-cut, two-tone Aeroblade style alloys. The C4’s exterior paint palette has also been tweaked. Citroen has replaced one shade of black with another shade of black.

Prices for the UK spec C4 start at £21K and rise to £30K for the pure electric variants. So is the pandemic over for Citroen? On this evidence probably, yes, no, maybe…

Citroen eC4, 2021, dailycarblog
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