Buick Electra X concept SUV - Hero
The Buick Electra X Concept EV, Designed In America, Made For China
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If you look at Buick’s current lineup of vehicles and model offerings, it’s rather dull and dreary. Dull and dreary often sells. However, it’s fair to say Buick has seen richer days. The company is kind of like the Jaguar of US car brands. The Buick model range is a staple diet of SUVs. They need to do something to create more interest, to make Buick exciting again. That’s where a good design team can rescue the situation, and turn things around. Buick did just this by allowing their designers out for the day with a brand new set of magic markers.

Actually, car designers prefer to use a Wacom tablet these days and this is what they created. The Buick Buick Electra X Concept previews what Chinese consumers can expect from Buick’s forthcoming electric SUV. The Electra X may look like a concept but it is fairly close to being production-ready as you see it.

Buick Electra X concept SUV - Hero 2

The Buick Electra X resides on GM’s pure-electric Ultium platform. The Electra is styled as a coupe but is closer in size to a mid-sized SUV. If the Electra X does go into production we don’t expect the suicide doors to make it into the final road-going version.

Buick Electra X concept SUV - Seating

The interior features a four-seat arrangement, and many of the materials used are recycled from plastic bottles. It’s a very simple and elegant interior, physical buttons are replaced with touch controls. The dash is dominated by a 30-inch infotainment system which also incorporates the driver’s digital instrumentation.

Buick Electra X concept SUV - Interior

This suggests that the interior of the Buick Electra X will be predominantly voice-activated and controlled. All in all the Electra X is a clean and nicely proportioned vehicle. Job well done by Buick. But will the final road-going production version look as good?

Buick Electra X concept SUV - Rear

Concepts are designed to create a buzz, but soon after they are forgotten. Let us hope and pray Buick remembers the Electra X is for the now and for future generations. Our thoughts and prayers are with Buick at this precious moment.

Buick Electra X concept SUV - Hero
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