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Jaguar CEO Admits That Jaguar is A “Damaged” Brand
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The E Type is probably the greatest Jaguar ever made. Jaguar has been living in the E Type’s shadow ever since it was released back in the 1960s. Today Jaguar is like an aging Rockstar, reinventing itself to fit in with the times it doesn’t understand. But the music sounds the same, it’s all ‘pling’ and ‘plong’, ‘plong’ and ‘pling’. Over the last decade, Jaguar downgraded from an unreliable luxury offering to delusionally compete with premium luxury brands such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes. Now Jaguar is upgrading into making proper luxury cars again. Thierry Bollore, Jaguar’s new CEO, calls this doomed strategy “Reimagine”. And the reimagining will consist of an electric two-door sports coupe and two electric crossover SUVs.

This means that Jaguar is effectively ending all but one of its current model offerings, the i-Pace. And it is unintentionally admitting that job cuts are in the planning. You see Bollore wants to pivot Jaguar into becoming a luxury EV brand, with prices starting at £100,000.

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During a media interview, Bollore publicly admitted Jaguar is a “damaged” brand. Yes, he really did say that. The CEO is kicking his donkey in the teeth for all to see. It is remarkable for a CEO to admit that the brand he is resurrecting is “damaged”. What message does that send to a future customer?

DCBHQ is more than ready to shit on Jaguar, all day every day. But for the Jaguar CEO to do our job for us is shocking. And for Bollore to publically trash the brand he is in charge of is the height of lunacy. This “reimagine” strategy is severely lacking in imagination. Unbelievable.

Bollore, let us do the trash-talking you keep your head down and get on with the job. Say as little as possible. And remember talking is silver, silence is golden. Honestly, they don’t know what they are doing.

Damaged Jaguar - Dailycarblog
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