Lewis Hamilton Admits To Being At Fault Over Barcelona Crashgate
Formula One
Barcelona was a bruising encounter for team Mercedes F1 after a overly ambitious pole-sitter Lewis Hamilton tried to regain the lead from Nico Rosberg. The resulting attempt just three corners into the race saw Hamilton and Rosberg collide on the track and end up in the gravel trap. From the outside and being totally impartial it seemed that Hamilton made a rash decision to overtake his team mate. Rosberg is a tough opponent and will firmly close any gap to try and persuade those behind it isn’t worth the risk. That’s what happened last Sunday, Hamilton had 66 laps in which to regain the lead but his impatience and a desire to notch up his first win of the season cost him any chance to do so. Both drivers blamed one another after the race and Hamilton seemed to go into a conspiracy theory meltdown in an attempt to apportion blame towards Rosberg. A few days later and with the dust settled Hamilton has come forward and admitted to his team that the first lap wipeout with Rosberg was indeed his own fault. Team Mercedes F1 director and former three times F1 world champion, Nikki Lauda, instantly blamed Hamilton after the race but after Hamilton’s admission says its time to move on. Lauda said in a recent TV interview “Lewis looked us in the eye and took the blame, he apologised. He took everything on himself. That’s fine with me.” Totto Wolff, the team principle, backed up Lauda’s point of view,  “If someone says ‘Guys, I’m really sorry’ – if someone makes a mistake and realizes it – then that for me is history.”  Hamilton-Takes-The-Blame
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