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F1 Sprint Races Be Like… Sending in The Clowns?
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From an engineering and technology perspective Formula 1 is and always will be a complex sport. The FIA is a complex and belligerent organisation. The F1 penalty system is complex, often difficult to understand. Everything in the sport is a den of complexity and of fathomless difficulty. The plan to introduce three additional shorter sprint races to the GP calendar was agreed upon by every team up and down the paddock. The FIA is expected to rubber-stamp the proposal blind-folded. For now, the sprint races are an experiment to see if they can generate extra advertising cash flow through various verticals and marketing channels. Although it has been glossed over and wrapped up as an extra entertainment package for the people. 

The sprint races will slot into a Grand Prix weekend and will set grid positions for Sunday’s race-proper. The top three finishers will be awarded points 3, 2, 1 respectively. Sprint race qualifying will be moved to Friday and the sprint race will run on Saturday. The sprint race weekend basically eliminates free Friday free practice and Saturday qualifying sessions. The sprint race will run 33 percent of a full Grand Prix race distance. 

F1 Sprint races dailycarblog

The FIA will pay each team $450,000 per sprint race. Also included is an insurance and compensation scheme because the biggest risk factor of a Grand Prix weekend is race day. And the sprint races introduce another layer of risk. So that begs the question why take the extra risk at all? Are 3 points for the winner worth it? In a close title championship yes and no.

F1 president Stefano Domenicali said; “this is a testament to our united efforts to continue to engage our fans in new ways while ensuring we remain committed to the heritage and meritocracy of our sport”.

Meritocracy? in a sport that costs tens of millions of dollars to enter let alone hundreds over one single season. And if meritocracy existed in F1 more female drivers would be on the grid. These people are deluded and out of touch with the fans. Formula One is and always will be a rich man’s playground.

D1 Sprint Races - dailycarblog
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