AMG Make The Mercedes GT S A Lot More Angry
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This is the no-nonsense and totally ruthless AMG GT R by non other than AMG and it’s angry with the world right now. So angry that it has gone on a diet and injected itself with AMG growth hormones more commonly called BHP. But it isn’t the increase of power that underlines all that anger because the Mercedes tuning division has made a raft of changes to make sure that anger will subside. The front engine rear-wheel drive AMG GT R is powered by an uprated 4.0-litre twinturbo charged engine that delivers 585bhp and 700 Nm of torque via a 7-speed dual shift transmission which has been re-mapped to deliver ever so slightly faster gear changes. Mercedes-AMG-GTS-Profile Naturally when the anger is unleashed the AMG GT R can sprint from 0-62 mph in 3.6 seconds and reach a maximum top speed 198mph. The AMG GT R has managed to shed 90kg of weight but we reckon it’s still a bit lardy at 1555kg. Just our opinion. A more aggressive bodykit has been styled exclusivity for this exclusivity and you get a large fixed rear wing, a functional rear diffuser and that Incredible Hulk inspired green paint work. Mercedes-AMG-GTS-Rear The AMG GTR borrows F1 inspired aerodynamics by channelling air over the front-axle. The new active aerodynamics profile, which is concealed almost invisibly in the under-body in front of the engine activates at speeds of 50mph. At this point, when in RACE mode, this carbon component, weighing only about two kilograms, automatically moves downward by about 40 millimetres and directs the airflow over the front-axles. Mercedes-AMG-Mercedes-AMG-GTS-Front-AeroGTS-Front-Aero This process results in what is known as the Venturi effect, which additionally “sucks” the car onto the road and reduces the front-axle lift by around 40 kilograms at 155mph. The new suspension setting for the AMG GT R is designed for racetrack use. The setup uses traditional coil-over suspension combined with adaptive dampers, a continuously variable solution which Mercedes marketing division call AMG Ride Control. Mercedes-AMG-GTS-Interior The driver is able to adjust the damper settings from within the car, but seriously who’s kidding who? We all know this car will end up in the hands of either a rapper, Vlogger or a rich kid from Instagram either of whom will eventual crash the car. Mercedes have supplanted F1 derived technology from the traction/launch control system, electronically controlled differential and speed sensitive sports steering all for a specific purpose, to allow that rich kid from Instagram to take selfies while parked up at a McDonald’s drive-thru. Mercedes launched the AMG GT R at the Goodwood Festival of Speed today with Lewis Hamilton on hand to show the car off in all its glory. The AMG GT R will go on sale in the UK on 21 November, but by then you being British will probably have to pay a Brexit tariff. UK prices for the bog standadrd GT S start at £97k and rise to nearly £120k. The AMG GT R is 5 mph faster and 0.2 second quicker than a standard GT S upon which it is based. But with all that technology expect to pay a price premium of at least £110,000 GBP (Great Brexit Pound).  Mercedes-AMG-GTS-Front-Anger
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