LaFerrari Owner Commits Crime Against Carmanity
This should never have to happen indeed it didn’t have to happen but it seems the strict vetting procedure Ferrari adhere to when selling exclusive hypercars to exclusive ultra-high-net worth clients doesn’t take into account momentary acts of stupidity. The 6.5-litre V12 Hybrid powered LaFerrari needs little introduction. Only 499 units were made and each one sold costs £1m GBP. Ferrari selects it’s most loyal customers to sell each car and for good reason because Ferrari does not want LaFerrari owners to make a quick profit. A used LaFerrari is now valued at around £3m-4m GBP, that price will have just gone up a notch because now there are 498 models in circulation. The owner of this deceased LaFerrari was participating in the 2016 Ferrari Cavalcade in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy before being overwhelmed by a desire to show off. The occupants survived but they will have to walk around wearing a paper bag over there heads for the rest of their lives. We believe this incident is equivalent to committing a war crime. We also don’t get these group brand events. whats that all about? Eh?  LaFerrari-Crashed
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