Scotty Kilmer, criticises motoring journalists,
Why New Car Reviews Are Stupid, According To Scotty Kilmer

Looks like YouTuber and mechanic Scotty Kilmer has outed car the worldwide community of car reviewers/journalists as being nothing more than paid up shills for large multi-national corporations. That is an opinion we do not share nor recognize… AHEM!

But as… responsible… journalists?… AHEM!… we have to present both sides of the argument. No, we’re not like BBC News where we present one side of the argument that goes unchallenged. We’re proper journalists we is, right proper.

But is Scotty Kilmer correct in his argument that motoring journalists have become silent paid-up-shills for large multinational car manufactures?… ermmm, errrmmm, errmmmm…

Scotty Kilmer, criticises motoring journalists,
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