Skateboarding Youth vs McLaren 12C… Youth Wins
YouTuber, Paul Gonzo, was out on the town enjoying the late evening sunset when upon a sudden a McLaren MP4-12C pulls up out of nowhere, somewhere in jerk-water USA. It seems that the McLaren owner was so busy showing off at low speed that he didn’t spot a zebra-crossing. Nor did the McLaren owner spot a skateboarding “yoof” attempting to cross. The “yoof” got a little annoyed and decided to issue swift justice. By using his skateboard to issue his own penalty ticket. Yep, “yoof” smashes his skateboard at the 12C’s windscreen in a fit of momentary rage. This prompts the passenger inside the 12C to give chase. What surprises us are two things, a lardy skateboarder kid is able to sprint away as fast as he appears and worst of all the passenger is wearing a baseball cap… inside a McLaren 12C. When will these Americans ever learn…  Kid-smashes-Mclaren
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