Pirelli Starts Pre-Testing Wider Tyres For 2017 Season
Formula One
Next year Formula One will see a raft of rule changes and the re-introduction of wider tyres will form part of these revisions. The new tyre spec will be 60mm wider at the front and 80mm wider at the rear, up from the current 305mm and 405mm respectively. F1 rule makers have instructed Pirelli, who are the sole organisation that supply F1 spec tyres, to manufacture tyres that are more durable in order for drivers to drive flat out for longer periods. Many drivers up and down the F1 paddock have criticised the current tyre specifications which are designed to wear out quicker than previous tyre specs before. The FIA hoped to improve the F1 spectacle with tyres that wore out at quicker than normal rates. Instead many drivers have opted to conserve their tyres and push only when it is convenient to do so. Ferrari-F1-Tyre-Test-2017-Fiorano-Closeup It was also intended to encourage more overtaking but the current tyre spec has only only been partially successful. For the 2017 season the FIA wants to make the cars around five seconds a lap faster. This will be achieved by increasing downforce from the under-body and by introducing different front to rear wings. Ferrari began testing the new tyre format, both wet and dry,  this week on Monday and Tuesday at their Fiorano test track. Sebastian Vettel did some installation laps on untreaded or slick tyres before handing over the testing duties to Haas’ Esteban Gutierrez who was Ferrari’s reserve driver in 2015. Red Bull will also be participating but will assume their evaluation tests at the Mugello race track  which is located in Tuscany, Italy.  Ferrari-F1-Tyre-Test-2017-Fiorano
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