Hamilton Still Favourite To Take Drivers Title Despite Dip In Form
Formula One

The 2016 Formula one driver and constructors championships have been all about Mercedes and it’s two incumbent drivers. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Hamilton has three driver’s championships in the bag and is in the hunt for a fourth title to add to his illustrious career. Hamilton has been in the sport for 10 years and the statistics don’t lie, 49 wins from 182 races, 99 podiums and 56 pole positions.

Nico Rosberg has a one-year advantage over Hamilton and has competed in 200 races over an 11-year career which has brought him 22 race wins, 51 podiums and 29 pole positions. So surely the stats and the odds are against Nico Rosberg and for Lewis Hamilton right?

It doesn’t quite work like that, Hamilton is a naturally gifted driver fast over a single lap, fast over a Grand Prix distance and races with his heart on his sleeve. Rosberg is a fast driver, committed but when put under pressure is prone to making the wrong decision.

Such a decision was demonstrated at the Spanish Grand Prix this year when he made a mistake out of turn three which allowed Hamilton to gather momentum behind him as the pair battled it out for the lead going into turn four. Realising his error Rosberg aggressively closed the gap, the result was an inter-team collision.


And then there was the desperate lunge at the Austrian Grand Prix when again both Mercedes drivers were battling for the lead. At the circuit’s tight hairpin turn Rosberg was again under pressure from Hamilton. As Hamilton went for the lead on the outside Rosberg simply tried to drive Hamilton off the track but the tactic didn’t work.


If Rosberg makes more questionable decisions when put under pressure then the 2016 F1 drivers championship will fall to Hamilton.

It all seemed to be going Rosberg’s way he won the first four races of the year with Hamilton suffering from a number of technical issues. As a result, Rosberg built up what seemed like a formidable 42 point lead over his teammate.

But the momentum shifted as Hamilton won six races out of seven from the Monaco Grand Prix on with Rosberg suffering a few technical issues in between and a downturn in form. However, the momentum has now shifted back to Rosberg who has claimed the last three races in a row.

This continual shift of fortune from one Mercedes driver to another is the key to understanding the 2016 championship. Hamilton’s performance at the Singapore Grand Prix was as mysterious as his Performance at the European Grand Prix in Baku.


Singapore mirrored Baku where Hamilton stuttered and looked as though he wasn’t focused, yes he had a technical issue from the word go which meant he had very little running time during free practice. But it wasn’t a vintage Hamilton performance.

Hamilton expects to regroup at the Malaysian Grand Prix and has six races remaining to retake the lead in the drivers championship that he has surrendered back to Rosberg albeit with an 8-point deficit to his teammate.

The championship will probably go down to the last race however the bookmakers still have Hamilton as favorite to win his fourth driver’s title. If you want to know Hamilton’s odds then you can view William Hill’s full range of motor racing betting events including formula one.

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