Maddog Marko barks at Gasly
Maddog Marko of Red Bull Infamy Piles Pressure On Pierre Gasly Over Pre-Season Testing Shunts
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Maddog Helmut Marko, right-hand man of Red Bull F1 and Torro Rosso has Pierre Gasly in his sights. Especially after the young F1 star made a serious of errors during pre-season testing. Maddog Marko has high standards and expects the very best from his drivers. At times it seems the Red Bull F1 family operates like a Sicilian Mafiosi clan. Dispensing and killing F1 careers with no mercy at all.

But who is Maddog Marko and why does he appear easily unimpressed all the time. Helmut Marko is a former F1 driver, he competed in 10 races during the 1971 and 1972 seasons. He failed to score a point.

Marko did have a more successful career as an endurance racer.

He won Le Mans driving a Porsche 917K. A year later he competed in the 1972 French Grand Prix. It would be his last throw of the F1 dice. During the race a loose stone was thrown up by the car in front.

The stone flew into the direction of Marko’s visor and the Austrian sustained an eye injury that would leave him permanently blind in the left eye. His racing career was over.

Helmut Marko obtained a doctor of law in 1967 so he was able to make a living after the accident. But he turned his focus towards driver management. In later years he would manage the careers of Gerhard Berger and Karl Wendlinger.

He’s been a Red Bull man since 2005. And yet at the age of 75 he has yet to mellow. He recently made known his disappointment at Pierre Gasly. Gasly crashed two times during pre-season testing.

“In the second crash we ran out of spares, so Max Verstappen could hardly drive on the last day,” Said Maddog Marko during a press interview.

“Nothing will change in that way, but what we’ve seen in the tests is that Gasly is not yet on Verstappen’s level. But we didn’t expect that either.”

 “Especially the second crash hurt us. He should not allow himself to do that anymore.”

“It threw our entire test programme overboard. He must clearly show more discipline,”

Gasly is now a marked man and Maddog Marko will go hunting if Gasly continues with the errors. And the season-proper has yet to begin.

Maddog Marko barks at Gasly
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