Rumours Gathering Pace About Toyota’s New Supra
It’s been some time since we covered Toyota – and it will be a while until we see their latest Supra model on the streets. Suffice to say; we can’t wait – and there will be plenty of drool spilt between now and then. In simple terms, the new Toyota looks like it could be an absolute beast, although full details are still under wraps. Let’s take a look at what we know right now. The new Toyota Supra is the result of a team up with German giants BMW. It will use hybrid technology from the Japanese firm’s Le Man racing car, and rumours suggest it will resemble the Toyota F-1 concept car from 2014. If so, there will be severe shades of the Batmobile going on. An extended chassis gives the Supra the chance to show off some beautiful curves. And, if the F-1 is anything to go by, it’s going to be an incredible return to form. Toyota-F-1-Concept-Profile Look around at the current range of Toyotas on the market and you can see the vast majority are made for the mainstream. It’s what they do well, after all. They are famous for producing cars that run well, are efficient, and cost little to maintain. As long as you know a Toyota service dealer and perform the right checks, it’s going to last many years. But, let’s face it, the Japanese manufacturer aren’t known for their sexiness. The Prius was memorable for being not particularly memorable however the GT86 coupe is a good rear-wheel-drive budget option if you’re looking for a sports car. But the last time we saw a Supra was way back in 2002 – and they haven’t quite captured the imagination since. It was a big hit for design and speed, even pushing the famous Porsche 911 for acceleration. We are talking top-of-the-range for the new Supra, and it’s going to be a flagship for Toyota. And, perhaps, the rest of the auto industry. Toyota-F-1-Concept-Interior There are no specs to reveal as yet, with Toyota and BMW being very tight lipped about their new superstar. But auto journalists have been spilling a few beans. First of all, the new Supra will run on a petrol hybrid engine, with the electrics powering the front wheels. There will be a regenerative braking system on board, too, which helps you charge batteries when you slow down. And, there’s a rumour that Toyota is finally embracing the plug-in hybrid. It will be the first chance for Toyota owners to charge their vehicles like any other lithium-ion powered car. Toyota-F-1-Concept-Rear There are some new introductions expected, too. Toyota has been working on a dual-clutch automatic gearbox for some time now, and we should see it for the first time in the new Supra. It’s a good move – as anyone who has experienced the sluggish CVT alternatives in other Toyota hybrids will attest. It’s been a long time coming. Toyota has been working on their new Supra since 2015, and there have even been worries they were going to dump the Supra name. Time will tell, of course. But right now the car media are going crazy over the yet-to-be-seen flagship. We’re all waiting with baited breath – how about you?  Toyota-F-1-Concept-Front
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