Watch This Ferrari 288 GTO For Nothing Else But Admiration
Petrolicious is a YouTube channel featuring high quality videos about car owners and their classic cars. It’s more about the story than the car and this hasn’t gone un-noticed by the Ferrari marketing department. Trying to plug their approved used car scheme Ferrari sponsor Petrolicious to give their unique take on one of the all time greats to use as their visual mule. We’re talking about an in-animate object yes but this is the Ferrari 288 GTO the first Ferrari to use a turbo-charged engine. Perhaps one of the last truly great looking Ferraris. The 288 GTo was originally designed to be used as a Group B car, regulations stipulated that a minimum of 200 cars be built. Ferrari built 272 between 1984 and 1987. However the Group B racing series was ended by the FIA before it began and all of the 288 GTO’s ended up as being sold as road  cars. The 288 GTO is the pre-cursor to the Ferrari F40 which in itself established the new generation of supercars that would eventually spawn the hypercar era. The 288 GTO began life as a modified version of the 308/328 to hold down costs and to build the car quickly. To keep the weight down steel was used for the doors only with the remaining body work being fabricated from a combination of kevlar and moulded glass fibre. The 2.8-litre turbocharged V8 engine was churned out 400bhp and 496Nm of torque to the rear wheels. The 288 GTO may be tame by todays’s standards but the it weighed 1,160kg so the power to weight ratio meant performance was neck-breaking. Needless to say a used 288 GTO in today’s market can change hands for a cool £2m GBP.  Ferrari-288-GTO
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