Richard Hammond Dog Walker - Daily Car blog
Richard Hammond Takes His Dog For A Countryside Walk

Richard Hammond of Top Gear fame takes his dog for a walk in the fresh open air that is the English countryside. Ahh the great outdoors, the great British outdoors (Excluding Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland). The fresh air, the timeless (mostly manmade) countryside views. Dog walking is a great British past time.

And errmmm… we have nothing else to add, we didn’t want to mention a certain brand with whom we have a big problem. It isn’t the cars they make that is the issue. Although the cars do suffer from many issues, it’s the people who are charged with giving a voice to the brand we have a problem with.

Lazy, feckless career sociopaths… I mean what a charming video, Richard Hammond walking his dog in the English countryside, videos don’t get much better than this.

Richard Hammond Dog Walker - Daily Car blog
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