Sandy Munro VW ID4 EV Motor tear down
VW ID4 Electric Motor Teardown With Sandy Munro

Internet engineering sensation, Sandy Munro, is not as popular as we are trying our best to make out he is. However, 276k YouTube subscribers is bigger than DCB’s 2 daily visitors… the dog, and next-door neighbors’ cat. Therefore Mr. Munro commands instant respect. Unlike us, here at DCBHQ, Sandy Munro is a renowned engineering expert, having worked at Ford for decades before setting up his own engineering consultancy, Munro Associates.

Engineering companies from across the globe utilize Munro Associates’ specialist knowledge. For example, the company will tear down existing vehicles and suggest improvements on various aspects of the design and production process or what steps to take for improved powertrain efficiency.

In this particular video, Sandy Munro disassembles the electric motor from the VW ID4. Generally speaking, Munro is impressed with the engineering philosophy behind the ID4’s electric motor design.

That being said, when we road-tested the ID4 we were not impressed with the efficiency, specifically the range. We found that the VW ID4 exhibited a clear disparity between electric motor engineering and real-world usage.

Maybe a software update could solve the VW ID4’s lack of efficiency, but we strongly believe it is down to engineering inefficiency.

Sandy Munro VW ID4 EV Motor tear down
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