Mercedes Drag Race - Numberwang - Dailycarblog
Mat Watson Plays Numberwang Before Epic Mercedes Drag Race

Mat Watson, Carwow, Mercedes, and Mercedes. New and old, new vs old. Luxury vs luxury. Petrol vs electric. Mercedes S Class vs Mercedes EQC. The petrol-powered S Class has the higher ground in this Carwow drag race. The S Class is powered by a 435hp & 520Nm of torque 3-litre straight-six turbo petrol and weighs 2,065kg.

The EQS is powered by a 330hp & 570Nm of torque single electric motor but weighs over 2.5 tonnes. So on paper, the S Class is the clear statistical winner. From a standing start, the S Class beats the EQS into a pulp. But from a rolling start, things get interesting for the EQS.

Mercedes Drag Race - Numberwang - Dailycarblog
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