Mat Watson bursts into tears trying to explain quantum physics
Carwow’s Mat Watson Bursts Into Tears Trying To Explain Quantum Physics During AMG C 63 S E Reveal

Being the host of one of the biggest auto YouTube channels allows Mat Watson leverage. The term leverage is often used by marketing PR people who have very little imagination, so let’s get back to the main story. Being one of the top auto Youtubers gives Carwow’s Mat Watson a lot of clout and VIP access. Not your normal press pack access, but Holly and Phill access. It also helps that Carwow is part-owned by Mercedes and therefore Watson has access above and beyond Holly And Phill VIP access.

And that ethereal level of access allows Watson to take a close-up look at the new Mercedes AMG C 63 S E Performance. It isn’t just yet another powerful Mercedes C Class, it is the most powerful Mercedes currently or rather about to go on sale. And it uses a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder hybrid engine, not inspired by quantum physics, but Formula One derived hybrid technology.

Watson, along with a Mercedes Product Manager goes in-depth on the new Merc because we here at DCB simply do not have the influence and have happily burnt a lot of PR bridges.

Legal Disclaimer:

Mat Watson did not cry during filming for the Mercedes C 63 S E Performance, we made it all up which is journalism 101.

Mat Watson has no knowledge of Quantum Physics. As far as we know.

Mat Watson bursts into tears trying to explain quantum physics
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