Mat Watson Audi A8 vs Mercedes S Class Review
Carwow’s Mat Watson Loses Use of Right Arm During Luxury Sedan Review

Mat Watson is reviewing the latest generation Mercedes S Class and the recently revised Audi A8. The Audi is powered by a 462bhp V6 turbo plugin hybrid and the Mercedes is powered by a 367bhp straight-six turbo plugin hybrid. The Audi has an edge on straight-line performance the Mercedes has an edge on the luxury sedan brand image.

While the S Class’s interior is modern luxury, the A8’s is traditional modern by comparison. So which one do you go for if the cost of living crisis is but a mere irritation to your lifestyle? Statistically, Mercedes sold over 84,000 S Class models in 2021. The Audi sold around 35,ooo A8s in 2021.

So, the Mercedes S Class wins right? Statistically yes and also subjectively according to Mat Watson who says it is a level above the A8.

Legal Disclaimer:

Mat Watson did not use the use of his right arm during his review of the Mercedes S Class and Audi A8. We made up the banner headlines for the purposes of clickbait… yet again it didn’t work.

Mat Watson Audi A8 vs Mercedes S Class Review
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