Mat Watson Burst Into Tears During Rare Karen Moment
Carwow’s Mat Watson Bursts Into Tears During Rare Karen Moment

It appears from the outside looking in that Mat Watson of Carwow does nothing other than drive cars. It is a dream job if you can get it and many would give their right arm to be in Watson’s place. As an example, DCB was a minor player in this motoring journalism jungle. As of now, we have become outcasts, pariahs, the unwanted, outlaws. But that is another story for another time.

Anyway, Mat Watson has turned Carwow’s YouTube channel into a personal success story, so much so that it is difficult to tell where Carwow begins and where Mat Watson ends. This success has turned Carwow into a go-to channel for car manufacturers wanting to beat a narrative into the subconscious minds of the average viewer. Which is mostly gullible males.

Watson’s appeal is so influential that Mercedes is forced to get on one knee and beg him to test drive every car they have in production. And one such car is the Mercedes AMG One, a 1,000bhp hypercar featuring a Formula One V6 Hybrid from 2016.

Watson’s privileged access is made all the more easier by the fact that Mercedes was an early investor in the Carwow story. Privileged access? no way, it’s you scratch my back and we’ll let you drive a $2.5M hypercar around the Nurburgring short course race circuit.

Legal Disclaimer:

Mat Watson did not burst into tears nor did he have a “Karen” moment as the banner headlines suggest.

DCB editorial would like to confirm the headlines for this article was so written purely for ‘click-baiting’ because it was a slow news day.

Mat Watson Burst Into Tears During Rare Karen Moment
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