Techniques For Driving Down Auto Insurance Revealed
A recent report from MSN.com has revealed the best ways hard up drivers can drive down the costs of their auto insurance plans. Given that insurance is not something you can miss, it provides a welcome relief to anyone out there who is struggling to justify the huge expense. There are some well-trodden tactics in the report, of course – everyone knows about comparison sites by now, right?. But I thought I would shine a light on some of the quick wins and easy techniques anyone can use to make sure they pay less but still get the same level of cover. Let’s take a look. Ask for a discount driving-down-auto-insurancebegging It’s amazing how many people out there just let their insurance renew and never challenge it. The truth is that auto insurance companies suck new customers in with their best deals, and when the term is up, they expect you to forget. Insurers rely on your ignorance and make a lot more money out of you because of it. So, if you are unhappy about your new rates, challenge them. Ring up your insurance provider and just ask them for a better deal or a discount. Most will do everything in their power to keep you as a customer – and it’s your first step to lower premiums. Choose the right car driving-down-auto-insurance You might think that most people would know that the most powerful your car is, the more you will pay. Yet so many drivers are surprised when they buy a new set of wheels and realize their V8 engine is costing them a small fortune in premiums every month. The result is a large number of people who end up leaving their pride and joys in a garage because they can’t afford to drive it. Never buy a car without knowing the insurance costs first. This way, there will be no nasty surprises, and you can plan for a better budget. Explain your driving skills driving-down-auto-insurance-dumb If you are a good driver, don’t rely on your insurance provider to know. Unless you are explicit with them and actively discuss it when you apply for your plan, they will just give you a standard cover. Tell them you are a calm and easy going driver – and that you are willing to prove it. If you want affordable auto insurance, you may have to have a telematics box installed so your insurer can track your driving. It will prove to them that you know how to drive safely, and you should see those premiums go down. Avoid making claims ace-ventura-nature-calls No matter how careful a driver you are, accidents will always happen. But should you make a claim on your insurance? Unless it is absolutely necessary, most definitely not. Filing claims for every little bump and scrape is going to cost you in the long-term, so just fix them yourself and pay with your emergency fund. Stop filing claims on your other insurance columbo-insurance-claim Finally, make sure you aren’t filing claims left, right and center on your home insurance, either. Auto insurers have plenty of access to all kinds of information about you. And, that info includes details about your homeowner’s insurance. Rightly or wrongly, it’s a  fact – so too many small claims is also going to affect your auto premiums. Do you have any more tips for lowering your car insurance? Let me know about them in the comments section below!  driving-down-auto-insurance-ventura
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