Tesla Driver Crashes Into Shop Front Or Did It?
Toothpastes that clean your teeth whiter than white, kitchen towels that soak up 1000 percent more water than rival brands, a shaving blade that cuts closer than ever before and Renewu anti-ageing skin cream that will make you look 15 years younger. All of these claims are of course false but through the powering of repeated marketing the message is designed to stick.  The truth is there is no toothpaste that will make your teeth whiter than white and there is no skin cream that will keep your youth in a kind of suspended animation indefinitely. It’s all lies perpetrated by professional lairs with university degrees and post graduate qualifications who work in the marketing department of a faceless multi-billion dollar corporation. And that brings us Tesla and it’s autonomous driving technology, the next big ‘event horizon’ ready to make humankind more reliant on automated technology to perform basic tasks. But in the case of Tesla the truth is out there. And the truth becomes clearer as the number of incidents of autonomous related accidents begin to mount up. The latest Tesla crash happened in Florida last month when a Tesla suddenly accelerated  in a car park and ended up crashing into the shop front of a gym. No one was injured but the jury is out for autonomous technology as it is believed that the accident was caused by some kind of software failure. Tesla will deny this of course and blamed driver error. But early adopters will always pay a premium to be the first in the que and will end up being unwitting Guinea pigs. You have been warned.  tesla-florid-gym-crash
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