Aston Martin DB11 Test Drive POV

The DB11 should have looked like the DB10 but what Aston Martin chose was the ‘DB11 look’ and we reckon it doesn’t strike a pose nearly as well as either the DB10 or the DB9 it replaced. But here we are stuck with a form factor that is as uncomfortable to look at as it is watching an episode of the Office.

But if you’re an Aston Martin dealer from Nashvile then you have no choice to sell the DB11 because you have to sell to live.

Some lucky chap from Music City Motors of Nashvile gets to test drive these cars and then uploads the video content to YouTube in a POV style of shooting.

This is great for us because we’ll never again get drive any Aston Martin, unless we buy one, because we are just not ‘high profile’ or smug enough to get the invites these days.

Times have definitely changed. And you know what? we coined the term ”Powerful Grace” which Aston’s marketing team subsequently used once upon a time. Un-greats.

The Aston Martin is powered by a 5.2-litre V12, Twinturbo thats 600bhp and 700Nm of torque and very probably has a fast 0-60mph time and topspeed.

But why in the hell they used that sticky-out Sat-Nav we shall never know, you will have to thank Mercedes for that. Bloody German overlords.

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