Audi Piloted Driving Can Be Used By Dinosaurs
https://youtu.be/I2j2-DqcPfM Fully automated cars, driverless cars will come to market in the next 5-10 years. Already there are semi-automated cars that are able to drive in urban areas, Tesla springs to mind, but drivers need to keep their hands on the steering wheel. Many users of the tech don’t. While the technology is advanced it is still in it’s infancy despite having many years of pre-development. As computer processors get faster and more powerful fully automated cars will benefit from this technological advance. So the first driverless cars to go on market will be designed to drive you from your home to your work destination without any input from you the driver. Audi is one of many car manufactures developing driverless car technology and have already completed demonstration runs on public roads across the world using proof of concept cars. However these demonstration runs are more or less like a laboratory experiment under controlled conditions. We know in the real world technology can have a mind of it’s own. Which is a contradiction because technology does not have a presence of mind in the same way as a human being. And that’s where the conflicts start, human vs machine will err. Nevertheless Audi is going full pace with it’s Piloted Driving technology, why? Because it could end up being a very profitable optional extra. To generate interest in Piloted Driving Audi teamed up with digital ad agency Razorfish to create a quirky ad starring a Dinosaur.  dwight-the-dinosaur-audi-ad-2016
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