Digital Artist Renders Convertible Volvo C90
Remember the Volvo C70, it was a large premium luxury coupe/convertible with a folding metal roof. It wasn’t the best driving experience, more a comfort cruiser than point to point all out thrill seeker. It’s no longer in production because of one fact. Not enough people bought one. Production ended in 2013 after a joint production venture with Pininfarina came to an end. But with the new Volvo V90 and S90 could Volvo be tempted to develop a convertible spin-off? Worldwide resident digital artist , Theophilus Chin, seems to think so and this is what he thinks a potential S90 vis-a-vie C90 convertible could look like. volvo-c90-rear-view-dailycarblog So… could Volvo make the C90? It depends, it depends if Volvo’s accountants can make feasible enough reason to make a viable C90 that will make a return on profits. Large corporations very rarely make decisions based on a gut instinct, they tend to make decisions based on numbers, projections, board meetings and presentations. However Volvo are seeing an increase in demand due to new products coming to market. Don’t expect a Volvo C90 for now, possibly in another 18 months if at all.  volvo-c90-front-dailycarblog
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