Hypocritical Ford Considers Legal Action Against Marstang GTT Creation
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The Trump voting, white supremacists, Breitbart reading, ultra-nationalist hypocrites over at Ford are up in arms against the creators of the Ford Marstang GTT. The Marstang GTT was created by Zero to 60 Design and was displayed at this years SEMA show.  Californian based Zero to 60 Design openly and some what proudly say their modified Marstang draws inspiration from the Ford GT supercar. The confederate flag waving supremacists over at Ford have taken note and are deeply unhappy with Zero to 60 Design and their GTT creation, so unhappy they are considering legal action. The Ford Brieitbarters are furious that the GTT recreates elements of the GT supercar and integrates into the Marstang brand. This is a copyright infringement say Ford. ford-gtt-dailycarblog-rear Ford’s legal team is currently investigating whether to take action against Zero to 60 Design. No legal action is pending as of yet. What Ford is doing is issuing a threat. Whether that threat musters into legal action is difficult to tell but at least it creates a storm of publicity for the Californian tuners. But there is a glaring Elephant in the room here and it’s the very fact that the factory spec Ford Marstang clearly looks remarkably similar to the Aston Martin DB9. Indeed it’s no coincidence. In our opinion the Ford Marstang is a clear breach of the DB9 copyright and intellectual property. But Aston Martin isn’t complaining. Why? ford-gtt-dailycarblog-front-view Ford used to own Aston Martin back in the day and still own a small amount of shares in the super luxury supercar brand. The DB9 was essentially powered by Ford made parts. Which still gives Ford a self-righteous belief that they can steal Aston Martin’s styling influence. Aston Martin doesn’t want to upset Ford for what ever reason. Yet we have never heard any motoring journalist complain or even bring up the subject regarding the obvious similarities between the Ford Marstang and the Aston Martin DB9. Why? Motoring journalists are too afraid to rock the boat with Ford who are as thin skinned as their idol-in-chief, a certain President elect Donald Trump. In addition motoring journalists are effectively bought out like a lobbyist buying out a US senator the gifts, private jet travel, holidays. Motoring journalists don’t like to loose these privileges. So Ford shouldn’t complain they should shut the hell up, raise their Confederate Flag and whistle dixie.  ford-gtt-dailycarblog-profile
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