Best supermini young drivers should consider, Mini Cooper,
The Best Supermini Any Teen Driver Should Be Driving
If you’re a car nut, and your kid is finally getting to that point where they want to learn to drive, then it’s obviously going to be a very exciting time. You’re finally going to be able to pass on all the knowledge you’ve gained from your passion for cars, and show them what all the fuss is about! As you can imagine though, your big, sleek saloon may not be the best thing for them to learn in. Here are some of the best cars for teaching your kid to drive in. Skoda Citigo Best supermini young drivers should consider, Skoda Citigo, Is the Skoda Citigo the best supermini? With prices starting from under £8k GBP, this Skoda won the Auto Express City Car of the Year in 2016, and for good reason! As a learner’s car, the main appeal is in the exceptionally low price, and the fact that the Citigo, along with its near-identical cousin the Volkswagen Up!, sits in the lowest insurance groups. With a 1-litre 74bhp engine, the car is exempt from road tax, and has very generous service intervals. Despite being cheap to buy and own, the Citigo certainly doesn’t brush over safety. Everything in the family aside from entry-level models get six airbags, ESP, and the option of autobrake. The interior quality, and the experience of actually driving it, is also a stark contrast to its price. Get the Citigo for your teen, and they’ll have so much fun they’ll want to look for a cancellations driving test in no time! Ford Fiesta Best supermini young drivers should consider, Ford Fiesta, Is the Ford Fiesta the best supermini? This model has been the best-selling car in the UK for some time now. If you’ve got a little more to spend on your kid’s first car, then you could certainly do a lot worse! Aside from being fun and easy to drive, modern Ford Fiestas also come with a range of reassuring safety features. The modern MyKey system, for example, will allow you to put a cap on the speed your kid can get up to on the road, not to mention the volume of the stereo! Like the Citigo, it also comes with ESP, six airbags, and optional autobrake. The interior is loaded with handy tech features too, which will make your teen feel right at home! The only real drawback of the Fiesta is the fact that it’s much more expensive than various other small cars, which may make it impractical for a lot of parents teaching their kids to drive. Prices start from £13k GBP Mini One Hatch Best supermini young drivers should consider, Mini, Is the Mini One the best supermini? Now in its third generation since the first ones (pun intended) came out of BMW’s plant in Oxford, the Mini One brings together exceptionally low running costs with great retro style with prices starting from £13k, but watch out for those addictive optional extras! The latest model of the One is a lot bigger and more refined than its predecessors, features a new turbocharged engine line-up, and a greatly improved interior. It comes with a whole new arsenal of technology, making it much safer and more convenient than older models. Another new features is the range of three-cylinder petrol and diesel engines which have been engineered solely by BMW for the first time in the history of the Mini badge. Unless your teen is an early-blooming Mini hater, the One should certainly be a candidate!  
 Best supermini young drivers should consider, Mini Cooper,
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