These Are The Top 4 Bikes Beginner’s Should Think About Buying
Switching from your current mode of transport to a motorcycle can feel like a big, daunting leap. Obviously, your first motorcycle isn’t a purchase you can make on a whim, and you’ll want the best model you can afford. There are plenty of bikes on the market that are great for any skill level. Here are some of the best motorcycles for a biking newbie… Yamaha FZ-07 Bikes-For-Beginners-Yamaha FZ-07 This bike has an easily manageable 689cc displacement, a 4-stroke, liquid-cooled 8-valve V-twin engine, and a 6-speed transmission. The inline twin cylinder has a torque curve you won’t find in many other bikes for the same price. This gives the bike a much smoother feeling and better throttle response. With sturdy dual front brakes and a compact wheelbase, the bike can handle almost anything you’ll put it through as a new rider. The riding position is sporty, yet very comfortable over both long journeys and urban riding. While the sensitivity of the throttle and gears can be a bit hard to get used to for a novice, it won’t take long for you to adapt to this reliable, versatile bike. Hyosung GT250 Bikes-For-Beginners-Hyosung GT250 This is another great Japanese bike, though with a much smaller displacement. It comes with an 8-valve, V-twin engine, and though it may not be as nippy as the FZ-07, it performs just as well. Complete with the dual front disc brakes, this bike is a fantastic model to learn on, although some people say it’s not as comfortable than many of its big brothers. Also, if you’re afraid your friends will tease you for a small displacement, the bulky frame on the GT250 might distract them a bit! Yamaha V Star 250 Bikes-For-Beginners-Yamaha V Star 250 Yes, it’s another Yamaha, but hey, they make some great beginner’s bikes! If this is the first time you’ll take to the road on two wheels, one of your main concerns may be safety. It’s well known that motorcycle crashes are much more severe than car crashes, and while you’re still gaining experience, you’ll want to keep yourself as safe as possible. One simple way of doing this is opting for a smaller engine. The V Star’s 250cc engine and 5-speed transmission allow for a ride that’s not only enjoyable, but a lot safer than some of the more “gnarly” machines on the market. Dependable front disc brakes and a low seat height of 27 inches makes this bike both smooth and safe. Triumph Bonneville Bikes-For-Beginners-Triumph Bonneville If you prefer the beauty and prestige of classic bikes to any modern road rats, then the Bonneville could be the perfect model to start on. With a more powerful 865cc displacement, an air-cooled, parallel twin engine, and a five-speed transmission, you’ll get all the functionality of the other bikes in this list, just with a little more timeless style! It’s comfortable over short distances, extremely fun to ride, but most importantly of all,  it’s well-behaved. Even as a beginner, you’d have to screw up pretty bad to have any major mishaps on a good Bonneville!  Bikes-For-Beginners-
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