It’s Not Just For Christmas: Looking After Your Car All Year Round

A car is something that give you great freedom. You can access the rest of the world thanks to the freedom and mobility a car provides. However, to perform those duties, the car needs to be looked after. If the car isn’t well maintained, it’s not going to be able to perform. If your car can’t perform, well you aren’t going anywhere.

Looking after your car is a broad phrase. Maintenance is one thing, but looking after it? That could mean anything from waxing the paintwork on your new Ford Raptor, to buying some new 2017 Ford Raptor front bumpers. It could mean a light clean, or a full blown customization and that definition is up to you!

What isn’t up to you, is the maintenance of the vehicle. So if you’ve got a new, or first, vehicle for 2017, or want to get more out of your current motor, here’s what you can do.

1. The first thing you should do with any car is to check the tyres regularly. The tyres are keeping your car attached to the surface of the road. If they are worn, you’re not going to be able to drive. Think about it, every single road maneuver you perform is going to be affected by your tyres.

2. If your tyres are wearing, you need to change them out. There is nothing more that can affect your safety than your tyres. If you are driving with worn tyres, you’re not driving safely. No matter the season, take care of your tyres and check the air pressure within them.

3. Remember to wash your car as well! Dirt and other items will eat away at the paintwork of your vehicle. Don’t neglect this as you’ll lower the value of your car and it will start to look bad. Also, if water beads on the surface of your car are getting larger than a coin, it’s time to wax the paintwork to add another layer of defense.

4. The oil and spark plugs are what keep your engine going. The oil works for lubrication and the spark plugs ignite the fuel to work the combustion. Imagine if dirt is what is lubricating your car? That can be true if the engine oil is not extracted and exchanged.

5. Ensure that this happens regularly as dirt and grime will be spread around your engine and this can lead to a failure. Dirty spark plugs on the other hand, just won’t work. Keep your car running with basic engine maintenance.

6. Store your car smartly if it’s not being used. Simply filling the tank with gas and storing the car under a cover will suffice, but if the storage is long term, you need to ensure the car runs every so often so that when the car is released, it actually works. This is because the battery will die and fail if left alone for too long.

There’s not much to keeping your car clean and running, but everything can build up into a huge expense if regular care isn’t undertaken. Look after your car and it will look after you for years to come

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