Audi Faces A New Future With The Reveal of The Q8 Concept SUV
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To some the Q8 concept is striking to others it is too in your face and not in keeping with Audi’s traditional ‘quiet man’ approach to exterior styling. But get used to it because what the Q8 represents is the future look and style of Audi’s design direction. The Q8 will be a kind large Coupe SUV, strictly a four seater and it will sit above the Q7. Naturally. audi-q8-concept-2017-rear The passive aggressive styling is dominated by the front grille, wide rear fenders give a look not too dissimilar to a steroid abusing weight lifter and massive 23-inch wheels house equally massive 20-inch ceramic disk brakes. The show car currently on display at the 2017 Detroit Motorshow is fitted with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. The turbocharged V6 is combined with an electric motor… you know how plug-in hybrids work by now right? audi-q8-concept-2017-interior Anyway combined power releases upto 442bhp and a massive 694Nm of torque. This delivery of gas and electric power delivers a 0-62mph time of 5.6 seconds and a restricted top speed of 155mph. audi-q8-concept-2017-profile Audi says the Q8 concept has a theoretical combined fuel economy of 100mpg and will travel up to 37 miles on pure electric drive. Roughly translated the Q8 will do 24mpg and and travel upto 13 miles on pure electric drive. That’s closer to the truth. Audi also say that while the Q8 is a concept study it is close to what the production version will look like which is due to be officially revealed in December.  audi-q8-concept-2017
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