Custom Widebody Porsche Cayman… Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder
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So you scaled the greasy corporate ladder to reach the top. You may distribute and control the supply chain of heroin brought in from Afghanistan. Or you may be running a successful hairdresser’s. All these professions illegal or legal have one thing in common. The people who are the drug smugglers, who are the hairdresser or who have broken through the glass ceiling own a Porsche Cayman. porsche-cayman-widebody-shwing But to some the Porsche Cayman in standard manufacture trim may not be enough. Someone in California, who may be a drug smuggler, corporate grease monkey or hairdresser has customised their Cayman. This Cayman has the full widebody conversion with superfat ultra low-profile race trim tyres and alloys which are ridiculously cambered at the front. Or is it tow in? porsche-cayman-widebody-rear It looks as though the owner has also installed a roll cage as evidenced by the luminous green crossbar seen in the rear view. We don’t know what the Cayman’s specs are but it doesn’t matter because this is about the looks one could say it’s about car-vanity. Nothing wrong with that. Just sayin. porsche-cayman-widebody-front The kit may well be from Liberty Walk who are masters of transforming the ordinary into the widebody. For this Porsche Widebody Cayman beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.  porsche-cayman-widebody-shwing
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