Don’t Let A Crash Be The First Sign Your Car Is Unsafe!
It’s true to say that car owners often have no idea how safe their vehicle is. They think they do and feel like they understand the basic checks that you should be making before you drive a car. But, do you know all the checks and, do you complete them every time you travel? You certainly should be and yet most drivers overlook them completely. Almost every accident that occurs on the road could have been prevented if the driver paid closer attention to the safety of their vehicle. Let’s look at some of the ways you can can keep your car and the people in it safe. Check The Tyres We’re big fans of the original Top Gear on our little section of the web. A running joke on the show was that Clarkson wouldn’t really check the car he was driving even when he was supposed to. Instead, he would give the tyres a good firm kick and then hop in. It might seem silly but believe it or not, that’s really one of the only things you need to do before you drive a vehicle. A good firm kick will tell you if there’s enough air in your tyres. If there isn’t you’ll probably find it affects the handling. More importantly though, it will affect stopping distance and friction which will make your car more dangerous to drive. Use A Pro Most of us will only head to a mechanics when we notice that there’s an actual problem with the vehicle. Usually, there will be smoke billlowing from underneath the bonnet, a nasty smell or the car won’t start at all. If none of these things are happening the car probably won’t be seen by a professional until it’s next MOT. Don’t make this mistake because there could be issues under the surface that you are completely unaware of. For instance, you might have noticed that your airbag light is popping on and off. This could be one of two things. It might be a problem with the airbag or it could be a crossed wire. Only a mechanic will be able to tell you which it is. You’ll find out for yourself when you crash and the airbag doesn’t deploy to protect you. Companies like SE Motors provide safety checks on all vehicle makes and models so they are well worth checking out. What Lies Beneath  Despite what Clarkson might think there’s more to checking car safety than just kicking the tyres. You should be looking at things like your brake hoses. Your brake hoses attach calipers to the hardline to the steering knuckle. If your hose cracks or snaps, your brakes could become useless. This is a problem that often develops in older cars that have seen some wear and tear. This isn’t the only issue you can have with the brakes either. You need to look at your brake rotors too. These rotors might have some rust on them but that’s nothing to worry about. A light dusting of rust will rub off as and when you use the brakes. However, any severe damage or extensive rusting could stop the brakes from stopping the car! If you see any signs of this, make sure you take your car to a mechanic pronto. We hope you find this advice useful and make sure you keep your car safe for the road.  blues-brothers-crash-chicago
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