Stunningly Restored & Modified 1967 Camaro For Sale For a Whopping $299,900
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We have to say as car restorations go this 1967 Camaro is a success. It was restored by Florida based Ultimate Auto for a private client who pith-forked out $420,000 dollars for a new lick-o-paint. Actually Ultimate Auto did a comprehensive restoration. And they made a great success of it. They widened the rear fenders to fit those humongous custom 20-inch/21-inch tyres. The roof is made from carbon fibre and the front bonnet/hood is also custom spec. Chevy-Camaro-1967-Ulitmate-Autos-Profile A new front and rear bumper and side-skirts complete the exterior detailing which looks as though it rolled off the production line tomorrow, not yesteryears. Underneath the external show is a 6.2-litre V8 supercharged Chevy LS9 engine which is good for 638bhp and over 800Nm of torque. Chevy-Camaro-1967-Ulitmate-Autos-Rear The suspension has been completely overhauled and that bhp power requires equally strong stopping power which comes courtesy of Baer 4-wheel disc brakes. The interior has been completely overhauled with custom built panels merging with a 5th gen Camaro interior. We would have preferred a retro vibe… just sayin. Chevy-Camaro-1967-Ulitmate-Autos-Interior Everything is handbuilt and this is why it originally cost the owner £420,000 dollars. Depreciation means he has lost a whopping £120,ooo in 4 years, the build was commissioned in 2013. Chevy-Camaro-1967-Ulitmate-Autos-Front But this Camaro is more like a work of art as much as it is a vanity project so it should find a buyer, it’s currently being listed on eBay.  Chevy-Camaro-1967-Ulitmate-Autos-Front-q
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