This Kid Owns A Ferrari F40, He’s British, How The Hell Did He Manage To Afford it?

His name is Sam Moores and he is a kid… Who owns a Ferrari F40. If you don’t know what a Ferrari F40 is all about then let’s say it kick-started the supercar era when it was launched in the 1980’s. Every other supercar and hypercar since has some amount of F40 DNA sequenced into its very being.

The F40 was/is powered by a 2.9-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 which develops 471bhp. The average 21st Century supercar has close to 600bhp.

The F40 blazed a trail like never before and while it is comparatively primitive by today’s standards in the 1980’s it was supercar royalty at the cutting edge of engineering know-how of the period.

Today cars/supercars are fitted with advanced electronic systems that dilute the driving experience but the F40 was/is as pure as you can get.

The F40 was the classic bedroom poster, you would never see one on the road and still today the chances are very rare indeed because only 1,311 were made.

So it is great to see a new generation of owners, young owners, being able to own and afford such a car.

But we have one pressing question, given that the average F40 is now valued at around £470,000 GBP, how the hell did this kid get into the position to afford one?

This might explain it, his name is Sam Moores and he is a professional automotive photographer… who is much in demand.

Sam’s clients range from McLaren Automotive to Supercars Club Arabia in addition to American Airlines and Bonhams. They pay him well.

In other wordS, Sam is a pro-photographer who gets handsomely remunerated and this possibly explains how he can afford one of the greatest supercars ever made…

That or he could be a drug dealer who uses his ‘profession’ as a cover to sell spice. He’ll have to sell more spice if he is going to cover the cost of getting his F40 serviced, he forked out £4500 GBP!

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