China Takes One Step Closer To Taking Over The World… of Automotive Manufacturing
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First Volvo announced it was making and exporting China made cars back into the EU which is understandable considering Volvo are Chinese owned, but now it seems BMW is attempting to secure piece of the action, which is understandable because they want to boost profitability. BMW already has a local joint venture with Chinese auto maker Brilliance, today BMW announced it was granted an export license to open up the possibility of BMWs made in China being sold back into Europe or the US. Many of the top European manufactures have established local production within China for the purposes of selling into mainland China. The additional benefit to doing so allows foreign manufacturers to avoid all manner of import taxes. Over the years BMW has ensured the cars it builds and sells in China meet the exacting standards European buyers have come to expect, it built 300,000 units in China during last year. Production of the 2 and 3 Series has doubled in line with demand. BMW is considering exporting the China built 3 Series, it’s top selling model within Europe, the company currently manufactures 5 cars in China which includes the 5 Series and plans to add an additional model next year to boost China production to 450,000 units per year. However BMW isn’t officially rubber stamping the news that it will sell China made cars back into Europe which means that it will.. in due course.  BMW-China-Made-Cars
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