Would You Really Want A 230mph Toyota Land Cruiser? Toyota Thinks So

The SUV people are buying them in spades probably because they offer versatility and that coveted high driving position where you can lord it over the great unwashed. They’re also the ideal family vehicle. Pack your family in, along with the shopping, your fishing gear and heck, you can even throw in the dogs too. There’s space galore, but it’s often missing something. Speed! One of the biggest complaints about SUV’s is that they’re not built for speed. Well, that problem has just been solved with the new Toyota Land Cruiser.

What Can It Do? Well, the first and most important credential to mention is that it can reach 230mph. Toyota’s US based Motorsport Technical Centre had nothing better to do and one day while lounging in the corporate swimming pool and playing Back Gammon they developed an idea about making the Land Cruiser into the world’s fastest SUV. The USA version of the Land Cruiser is powered by a 5.7-litre, 375bhp V8 petrol which is good for 142mph top speed. To meet Toyota’s objective of insane speed engineers calculated they would need at least 1900bhp from the V8> So Toyota set about to literally turbocharge the hell out the engine to get the desired results. Toyota-Land-Cruiser-230mph-Speed A standard Land Cruiser weighs 2.6 tonnes but this one has been given a new underbelly panel to aid aerodynamics. The car doesn’t have any wing mirrors because they’ve been replaced by cameras for convenience. The front drive shafts have completely gone and its rear wheel drive only. The sound of the engine is enough to make anyone hand over their cash, even if this was only a bit of an experiment for Toyota. Unfortunately, you can’t buy this version of the Land Cruiser yet but you can get details about the SUV’s on sale here. Toyota-Land-Cruiser-230mph- Needless to say Toyota hit the 230mph target figure by using the daredevil driving skills of their own Pro Driver, Craig Stanton. Advantages of Owning a SUV We’re constantly being reminded that down-sizing our cars is better for the environment but sometimes you are forced to buy to meet your needs. A SUV is a family car that seats several people comfortably. They get better every year and you can now pick up SUV’s that do at least 30 miles to the gallon, lowering your costs and emissions. A SUV is also safer than your average car. When it comes to car crashes, you and your family are much more likely to walk away unhurt if you’re in a bulkier car, like a SUV. You can also save money on things like mobile eagle car wash. More and more car washes are recognising that families need bigger vehicles and are lowering prices to match standard sized cars. They’re great vehicles when it comes to family holidays because an SUV can tow caravans or motor homes easily. If you fancy an off-road adventure, a SUV will take you there. They may not fare as well as 4×4’s designed for off-road driving but if you come across an unexpected dirt path or country road, it’ll be smooth driving. If you have pets, like dogs, it’s an ideal choice. All you’ll need is a suitable guard and your dog will be as happy as Larry. There’s always adequate boot space for transporting multiple dogs and your dog will be comfortable the whole ride. They’re not only good off-road, they’re good in water too. If you happen to have a flood in your area, you can drive your SUV through gathered water without having to fear something will go wrong. Now, how keen are you to get your hands on the world’s fastest SUV?  Toyota-Land-Cruiser-230mph-Yeager
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