Tesla Model 3 Hopes To Bag Early Adopters With Cheap Price Point
Lets face it the Tesla Model 3 isn’t exactly cheap and at $35k it most assuredly isn’t cheap but new technology is always cost more and early adopters are suckers for must have untried and untested tech. Early adopters always take the pain so future generations don’t have to suffer. The Tesla Model 3 is less than half the asking price for the Model S, the USA offers buyers of electric cars subsidies of £7.500 so $27k is reasonable if you can cope with having less freedom. Electric cars are not as efficient as fossil fuel cars, that will change when new revolutionary battery technology is developed, the revolution will not happen for many decades. The new cheaper Tesla Model 3 launches in the US of A first with overseas territories being serviced 18 months later.  Tesla-Model-3-2018
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