Dacia Unveil The All New 2017 Duster SUV… LOL!
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I think it may well be Dacia who is having the last laugh here, the first generation Duster was epically bad. However, a cheap price point and a horde of journalists willing to sell their souls to Renault devil worshipping kept the Duster alive. But at the end of the day, the consumer also played a significant part. Over 1m Dusters have been sold since it was first introduced in 2010. When we had a brief test of the Duster it was bad, so bad, the ride was from bad Renaults of 1981 and the interior looked as though it could last… like 3 weeks. But people like a good bargain and the Duster SUV retailed for under £11k and became, we hate to say this… a success. Dacia has not revealed the price for the all new Duster but does say that it will be “fairly priced” which means it’s going to retail for around £15k. Inflation people! Dacia-Duster-2017-Model-Dailycarblog The all new Duster sits on the old Duster platform but has been widened by 10cm. The all new Duster will retain the same old 1.2-litre petrol and 1.5-litre diesel engines. LED running lights are standard as are 17-inch alloy wheels and roof bars. Expect the latest smartphone connectivity and upgraded interior trim. Further details regarding pricing and spec will be revealed at 2017 the Frankfurt Motor Show at 11:10 (CET) on 12th September.  Dacia-Duster-2017-Model-Dailycarblog-Motion
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