The Edge of Tomorrow Today, Lewis Hamilton Teases The New Mercedes Project One Hypercar
https://www.facebook.com/MercedesAMG/videos/1656402431050497/ Nothing in the world of Automotive PR is left to chance, planning is meticulous as much as it is… well planned, in other words, events, reveals they are all meticulously well planned and clinically executed. So, on the eve of the Italian Grand Prix Mercedes tease their much anticipated Project One Hyper. The problem is not much is actually revealed in this video. So What is the Project One all about? The Project One Hypercar is the Hypercar to beat all Hypercars… until the next one does exactly the same, whoever makes the next one that is. For now we, you and I, will have to live with the slow build up of YouTube videos. So Mercedes has rolled out its F1 ambassador to do the promotion. One Lewis Hamilton. It may sound like a video game but Project One is, will be, a street legal 2017 F1 derived performance Hypercar of epic proportions. It’s also an excuse to celebrate a corporate milestone, AMG is 50 years young this year. Any excuse for a party.  Lewis-Hamilton-Loves-Dailycarblog-Project-One-Hypercar
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