Down Goes Aleem… Down Goes Aleem, Self Styled Lord Banned From Driving
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1qkGDas6hI Brash, self-styled Lord of YouTube and supercar owner, courtesy of working for daddy’s supercar hire firm, (god, we’re sounding like the racist scum-rag the Dailymail) has been handed down a 12-month driving ban for excessive speeding. Aleem Iqbal, aka Lord Aleem has built up a hefty following on YouTube which sees the brummy dummy (now we’re sounding like the scum-rag The Sun) living it large with his fleet of supercars. Aleem massively exceeded the speed limit, of course, where or when doesn’t matter, but what matters most to Aleem is that he is unable to drive for 12 months. The court costs of £85, an additional fine of £66, a victim surcharge of £30 will do little to dent his fortunes. Trust me, bro, his trainers are probably worth more. At least he got banned in style, Aleem was caught speeding in a very British Rolls Royce Ghost.  Lord-Aleem-Arrested-Driving-Ban-Dailycarblog
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