Volvo XC40 SUV Unceremoniously Leaked Ahead of Official Reveal
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Did Volvo do an Apple and leak the XC40 on purpose? That’s one of the rumors going around town so when the Volvo XC40 leaked ahead of the official September 21st reveal that got us thinking, was Volvo really behind the leak? The answer is we shall never know so, for now, the prime suspect is the disgruntled Volvo employee because there is always a disgruntled employee. Actually, it is believed the early reveal was a bit of mix up with Volvo Hungary who apparently was not in sync with Volvo HQ’s marketing directive. Volvo-XC40-Compact-SUV-Interior But whoever is at fault we now have early images confirming Volvo has built a compact SUV and that it is primed and ready to go. The XC40 is likely to take on rivals such as the Audi Q2, the design language revealed in the XC40 is in keeping with the new direction forged by the XC90, S90, XC60. Volvo-XC40-Compact-SUV- Because this is an early reveal we don’t know too much about the price or spec, let’s just say if rivals the Audi Q2 it will more than likely be priced in a similar price range. The engine lineup is likely to consist of a newly developed 1.5-litre, 3-cylinder turbo petrol and a variation of the T8 plug-in hybrid. No diesel engines will be offered… at all. The XC40 will go on sale next year with first deliveries expected in Q3.  Volvo-XC40-Compact-SUV-Front
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